Monday, May 23


Over the past week we had some work done (literally) around the house. We had a nasty old chain link fence up in the back yard, that had a bunch of vines and bushes growing through it. Adam had started to take it down last summer, and the plan was to get it all out in order to have a new privacy fence put up in time for this summer's Crabfest.

Well I don't know what happened- either Adam got too busy, or the fence was too difficult to take apart, or whatever- but the right side of the fence was never taken down. It got to the point a couple months ago when I felt like I was nagging Adam that we were supposed to have the new fence up by June. I think I kicked his butt into overdrive because he called in some outside help- multiple fence companies and professional landscapers.

The landscaper we ended up using was awesome. Two days of work and the remaining fence was gone, the over growth was cut out, bushes were trimmed, lawn was mowed, the front was mulched, the old flower bed was removed and the left side of the yard was regraded. It's like a completely different yard.

The old holly and cedar stumps were ground out too, so I transplanted the tiger lilies and marigolds from the back.

So now we wait for the new fence to be put up (in the next few weeks) just in time for Crabfest!

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