Wednesday, June 1

Memorial Day Mountain Trip (Part 1)

For Memorial Day weekend, Adam and I went with his friend Shawn and his wife Erica up to Shawn's parents' cabin in northern PA (that was a mouthful-did ya get all that?)
The trip up was not too bad, until we hit the dense fog, and pelting rain, on a one lane road, in the mountains, close to midnight, with no guard rail... When we arrived at midnight, there was no power at the cabin- which sucked, but thankfully it was on in the morning and we were left with beautiful weather.
The cabin is in Crossfork, PA about an hour or so north of Lock Haven, where Adam and I went to college. There is not much in Crossfork except for cabins. And what country town would be complete without the country store?
I'm telling you this is THE hotspot hangout for anyone in the area. I mean, you can buy fishing lures, jewelry, AND get a dip of ice cream?! All in the same place?!

Oh, and if you didn't think the cabin wasn't country enough- check out the outhouse!
Yes. An outhouse. In 2011 we still need to use an outhouse at the cabin. I have never been so thankful that I do not wake up frequently in the middle of the night with the urge to pee.

The cabin also has a water pump outside. I have never seen anyone use it, there is plumbing in the cabin (kitchen sink/ shower) so I don't know if it is just left behind from waaay back when or what, but I think it looks pretty cool.
Even though it may seem like I am complaining about the cabin, but there are some nice things about the trip. It is so peaceful up there. No phone. No internet. No distractions. I spent a lot of time reading, walking, and taking pictures. It is always fun to have a campfire too.

Because I took almost 170 pictures this weekend, I'll post later with more pics of the flowers, water, and, bridges.

I hope you enjoyed your memorial day!

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