Thursday, June 2

Memorial Day Mountain Trip (Part 2)

As I mentioned yesterday, I took almost 170 pictures over the weekend at our friend's parents' cabin. Here are some of the more "interesting" pictures from the trip (I am assuming that you do not want to see 5 pictures of a fat millipede, correct?).

Anyway. Behind the cabin is a little creek. Shawn's dad (I think) built this bridge over the creek and up into the mountain.

I have yet to cross the bridge, it just looks a little wobbly and I think I would fall in.

The creek (or river?) is so peaceful, but trying to take a picture is almost pointless. It just comes out brown, with none of the glistening rocks. I did manage to get a nice pic of the fog one morning.

Of course the reason I ended up with so many pictures is partly due to all the shots of nature I happened to take. I'll keep telling myself that I'm a photographer and everything will be ok.

On the walk I took with Adam, we went up a dirt road along the mountain. We were up and away from the creek, but there was still water flowing. There were all these little waterfalls coming from the rocks in the mountain. It was all very pretty, I must say.

 Also on this walk we went to one lane bridge. 

With a little mountain shack beside it. Literally carved into the side of the mountain.

Seriously, this thing had a metal "no trespassing" sign from the 30's on it. $300 fine for trespassing.

SO, that's some of the more post-worthy pictures from the trip. How did you spend your weekend?

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