Friday, June 3

Paint, On The Cheap

When we bought our house, I felt so lucky that the previous homeowners had freshly painted the entire house a neutral cream color. Adam's parents painted the kitchen, master bedroom, and upstairs bath for us before we moved in. Last Summer I painted my office/ craft room. The rest of the house is still the same creamy color and I have been itching to get some painting done to the guestroom.
white on cream on cream on white
I had debated yellow, green, grey, and even a tan like we have in our bedroom. I didn't want to go with blue because 2 other rooms are already blue and I thought it would be too much. Adam didn't really see the point in painting the room, since it was neutral and unoffensive.

But when we were at Home Depot a couple weekends ago, I went to the paint counter and looked for their discounted "oops" paint. When someone doesn't pick up their paint, or it turns out the wrong color, or they needed exterior and forgot to say so, or whatever, they discount it for.. wait for it... $5. Yes, $5 for a gallon of paint. I don't know if Lowe's or smaller stores have an "oops" section, but if you need paint it's definitely worth looking. And even if the color doesn't turn out exactly right- it is only $5.

So Adam and I looked through, and weeded through the poo-browns and salmon pinks, and found two prospects.

Grey for the bedroom.

I'm hoping it looks cohesive in the color scheme of the  rest of the house, so I made a mock up.
Our house colors (not to scale)
Of course the colors aren't 100% accurate, but I think it looks good, I hope.

We also found a slate blue/grey for the shutters. I think it will go well with the newly painted red door.

 I have never painted with Glidden before (had always bought Behr) but it is still a highly rated paint. I saved over $20 for each gallon of paint. My dad is supposed to come this weekend and help paint the shutters, and hopefully I can get started on the guest room as well.


  1. What a cool idea! When we move to our next apartment, we want to paint Charlie's room and will have to check out the discounted stuff!

    And I love your house diagram! Hehe

  2. There was a lot of paint to choose from, but some hideous colors too! You can't expect to find the exact color you want but you can find some really good choices.
    I can't wait to see what you do with Charlie's room, I'm sure it will be full of crafty inspiration!


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