Monday, June 6

Shutter Island

Friday night my dad cam over to help me paint the shutters with my $5 paint. I was really happy with the paint (Glidden) Which I had never used before. It was thick and covered well, and only took one coat.
Now the shutters that looked old, dated, and like this:

look like this:

What I realized from painting my shutters:
  1. hanging out through my windows was less scary that I thought it would be
  2. the shutters are almost the same color as the porch
  3. my porch railings are GREEN!
So, with my dad's suggestion, I will probably use the exterior paint to touch up the porch (by mixing in some sand with the paint) and will attempt to use the same color to paint the railings.
I also didn't get to the guestroom yet, but can hopefully start on that this week.


  1. It's amazing what a little paint can do to the look of a house. Looks great! what street do you live on?

  2. Hey Bridget! We live in Wheaton off of Viers Mill. Are you ever in the area anymore?


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