Saturday, July 16

Class List

I am getting SO excited for next year! Our school system has an online reporting program where you can see class lists, student profiles, assessment data, and intervention reports etc... I had checked last week to see if, maybe, my class was assigned yet. Nope. But as I was checking my school email this morning, and I thought well, I'll just check again quickly expecting not to see anything. But- It was there!

As of right now (things will probably change over the end of summer, with moves and beginning of year meetings based on summer school info) I have 21 students, 10 boys and 11 girls. I am beyond excited about this because I had 20 this past year, 5 boys and 15 girls. Thankfully the class is more balanced. I have a couple former students. I have 2 siblings of girls I had last year. And I have some 'problem' kids. Thankfully, since this is not their first year in school, I have previous teachers to go to with support on behavior management plans and tips on what worked best for the students.

I'm stopping myself from writing their names on everything (labels for cubbies, journals, etc) because I know the class list might change. But having a list makes it more real, I will be teaching 1st grade in a little over a month! AH! I have so much to do!

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