Friday, July 15

Pin-Spiration Fail

I think I probably spend way to much time on Pinterest. It is giving me lots of ideas, but the one that has stuck with me is this artwork:

I thought "I can do that". So I spent time trying to find the right graphic to use. Pinterest led me to this beautiful selection of fabric.

I spent some time fiddling with MS Paint (I don;t have photoshop or anything special like that) and made this print

And, after finding Adam's Exacto knife, everything was working smoothly. I liked the cut out effect, but questioned whether I could actually cut through the canvas.

The first cut was like buttah, and then the project took a nasty turn.

The canvas was too thin to support the thin lines of the pattern. It looked sloppy. And, even though the placement looked right from the back, once cut out, you could see the frame.

It looked nothing like the Pin-spiration..
I still like the pattern, but I will probably use it as a stencil instead. Have you tried/made/bought/DIY-ed anything you found on Pinterest?


  1. I'm sorry it didn't work, although you did make me laugh when you said it took a nasty turn! The only thing I've tried (so far) from Pinterest are recipes and I've had some luck with them. I should probably work on doing some things I've found on there instead of continuously adding more pins!

  2. It was a live and learn experience, that's for sure. I'm sure I could do it if I tried a different technique, but there's so many more ideas I want to try. I'm with you on adding too many pins! It's so addicting!

  3. Don't give up on this project! This type of medium can take practice but once you master it, you'll have people coming out of the wood work wanting one for their birthday or the holiday! I know I would! :o)

    BTW, I LOVE that green pattern above!


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