Friday, August 19

Busy Bee

I've been working in my classroom almost every day this week. The former teacher was a hoarder, and after she retired in January the long term sub spent hours cleaning out a lot of the crap that was left behind. Well, with A LOT of help from my friend Liz we spent Thursday and Friday cleaning out a lot MORE crap. Thursday we left 4 giant bags of trash and 2 bins of recycling. Today we left another big bag of trash and more recycling. I also left a bunch of not trash givaways in the hall (on top of the big desk I'm getting rid of).

So while not completely ready, the room is looking more like a real classroom.

my room on Monday
my room on Friday
There's still more to do- I bought two Ikea rugs for the whole group area (the old was was NASTY, seriously, it looked like it had vomit stains on it); posters need to be hung; books need to be organized and sorted in the library; and, oh yeah, I need to plan for the first week!

I also brought home the lamination I had completed this week. I cut it out while watching Tangled on Netflix. Grover was very happy that I decided to bring this work home. crinkling plastic is one of his favorite things.

So I'm hoping to relax a little this weekend before jumping into the new school year with a staff meeting bright and early Monday morning at 8:30!

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