Tuesday, August 2

The Buzz About Journals

I spotted this a while back, and finally pinned it.
Such a simple idea for a journal bookmark from What's the Buzz in First. I already had the materials so I decided to make them today.

Composition books are on our students' suggested school supply items but our county is not able to 'require' that students bring the materials, plus our population is very needy so I can't be sure any of the students will bring one. So I went on the hunt to Staples, Dollar Tree, Bog Lots, and finally Target. The books were $1.00 a piece (Dollar Tree, Big Lots) and over $2.00 a piece (Staples)! I couldn't spend that! But luckily Target came to the rescue with 65 cent books (with a limit of 25 per person). I picked up 5 in each color (except I could only find 3 black so I got an extra blue and green).

Then I chose one of the spools of ribbon I had left over from my Wedding DIY stuff, and luckily had just enough for all 25 books. I loosely measured all the ribbon to make sure it would have enough on the back to stay put, and long enough to hang out the bottom. 

Then I got to hot gluing. A few minutes later I was done!

This was such a simple idea but I'm not sure I would have figured it out without seeing it online.

Thanks, Jaime!

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  1. I've been thinking about doing this as well. Thanks for the tip about Target :)


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