Thursday, July 7

Put a pin in it!

With all of the blog hopping I was doing yesterday, I found myself on a blog where the author was giving her pinterest invites out. I just so happened to be the first to comment, practically begging for an invite. I have been interested in pinterest (no pun intended) for a while and was super excited to receive that e-mail with my login info.

Now I have a place to store all those new teaching ideas, along with other DIY, painting, and home decoration inspiration. I really wish I had this when I was planning our wedding. I would have saved SO MUCH ink and paper!

You can follow me by clicking the little P on my tabs bar. Or go to my pinterest homepage here.

Let me know if you want in and I'll send you an invite. All the cool kids are doing it ;)


  1. Pinterest is a wonderful time suck. :-P I'll follow your boards!!

  2. I would love an invite! Do I give you my email? Thanks a million!!


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