Saturday, July 9

Summer Organizing

Every now and then I get the urge to clean things out and reorganize. This time it was the linen closet. Our tiny little hall closet had accumulated way too much stuff. Even with the baskets to hold small things it was somehow still cluttered.
 So I emptied EVERYTHING out of the closet and out of the baskets.

I tried to group like-things together: shower stuff, cleaning supplies, medicine, etc...
top- bath sheets; middle- towels and wash cloths; bottom- cleaning supplies and rags

top-personal hygiene; middle- hair care; bottom- scale

Now I can take a towel out and not worry that everything is going to fall out!
The reason the baskets didn't work is because I shoved them to the sides of the closet. My thinking was that the smaller stuff would be in a basket and bigger stuff in the center for easy access. Well I figured out that the baskets need to be in the center of the shelves so they can be easily pulled out, without having to move something first. a simple switch, but it makes all the difference.

How is your spring summer cleaning coming?

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  1. Yessss! I always try to do some kind of cleaning or organizing on Saturdays and since I seem to think everyone is interested in my life, I blog about it (Spring Cleaning Saturdays). :-P


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