Sunday, July 10

How Much Was All This?

I don't know what it is, but I have been focusing almost all of my attention on the upcoming school year. Maybe it's because I started blog hopping, or that I'm nervous about next year, or maybe it's because I am becoming increasingly bored this summer...

Whatever the issue is, I have been shopping like crazy for my new room/ grade. With Head Start, we were given money to spend at the end of each year to restock our classroom. So with the small exception of new posters books or something, I didn't really have to spend a lot of my own money. Since I am switching grades I lost that money AND I need new materials for older kids.

So over the past couple weeks I have hit up Dollar Tree (which always has awesome teaching supplies for $1 a piece) and the Target Dollar Spot (which kind of scared me that Target had school supplies out already- I mean it is only July...).

From Dollar Tree I picked up 6 new posters, 8 decals/ labels, 6 BINGO markers, and 1 beach ball. Total-  $18
 From Target I got 2 paper bins, 2 small pocket charts, 3 stickers, 2 BINGO games (NOT to be used with the BINGO markers), and 24 sentence strip white boards. Total- $18

Maybe the best purchase so far has to be the Staples 1 cent sale. It started today and (thanks to a coworker for posting on Facebook to remind me) I went in early. There was a limit of 2 for pretty much everything which was kind of a bummer. I got 2 packs of paper (with the rebate, cost me 25 cents each), 2 pencil cases, 16 pens, 8 glue sticks, and 10 post-it type flags.

 Not too impressive until you count the best darn thing about the 1 cent sale. Teachers can get 25 each of 3 items (glue, packs of pens, packs of pencil top erasers). I didn't need the pens or pencils but I did pick up 25 bottles of glue for 1 penny each! *Side note- You should have seen one customer's face when she tried to tell me there was a limit of 2, and then I said not for teachers I can get 25*
yes, this is what 25 bottles of glue looks like
Total spent at Staples (after paper rebate)- $3.77. AMAZING!

I still need to make a trip to IKEA for their magazine holders (the 1st grade teachers use them a book boxes for the students), but hopefully I won't be spending too much more. Although I do have that Lakeshore gift card to use...


  1. Awesome! I didn't know you could get 25 if you were a teacher! I think I'll be going back tomorrow :)

  2. I didn't know either, I saw the list at the checkout and ran back to get more!


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