Monday, July 11

I'm a Hungry Girl

Have you heard of Hungry Girl? I had seen a show here or there on Cooking Channel and then my sister gave me her 300 Under 300 cookbook for my birthday. I have only made one recipe out of it so far,  but it was delicious! Since Adam and I are trying to shed a few pounds, and I'm trying to get back into weekly meal planning, I decided to plan for a week of Hungry Girl dinners. I went through the cookbook and picked out so many recipes to try I ended up with more than 2 weeks worth.

So, starting this week (with the exceptions of Mondays- it's family pizza night), dinner will be under 300 calories a serving. This leaves room for other snacks or dessert- something that has been lacking lately (well, actually I have still be having them, I just don't have the calorie allowance in my daily plan).

On the Menu--
This may not seem like 2 weeks, but Adam will be gone this weekend so it's enough for the meals we will have together. I'll hopefully take pictures and post after each meal, with the recipe/ nutrition facts.

Now I'm off to buy some of the missing ingredients. While I'm gone, maybe you can share your meal planning strategy/ tips.


  1. I've had one of the Hungry Girl cookbooks for awhile now, but haven't tried anything yet! Thanks for reminding me! I look forward to seeing your pics and reading about how they turned out!

  2. The recipes are very easy. I really like this cookbook. Keep checking back for the pics, if you cook up some of your own, I'd love to see those too.

  3. I saw your comment over on A pear to remember and thought you might like my little menu planner/shopping list. You can find it here:

    Hope it is helpful!!

  4. Thanks! I will have to check that out


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