Wednesday, August 10

Next Week Better Hurry Up and Get Here

I am going NUTS not being able to go into school. All I think of is the mess of a classroom I need to sort through and clean out and organize. I can't go in until Monday (and even then I have to call first to make sure the room is accessible) because our principal wanted the building service workers to have 2 weeks of uninterrupted cleaning. I'm hoping this means the room will be SPOTLESS when I go in, but I know it won't.

So in an effort to not buy anymore stuff for my room, I have been using what I have bought and making some things from pinterest for my room. Mostly I have been focusing on the Daily5. This is something the teacher I observed last year said they were using and it worked very well. So I knew I would be implementing it in my room as well. I needed a rotation schedule and posters.
Daily 5 posters
 The center posters were originally from here. I thought they were really cute but just before I clicked print, I noticed each child was white. Considering I will probably be the only white person in my classroom this year, I knew I couldn't use them as-is. They just didn't reflect my students. So I opened each one in MS Paint (I don't have, or know how to use, Photoshop) and altered the skin/hair colors.
edited picture
I have small posters for the rotation, and larger ones for around the room. I still need to wait until I get into school to get some larger poster board/construction paper. And then get them laminated.
Daily 5 rotation
 I also made some pencil cups. Originally from here, I new I could make them cuter. I picked up these Dr. Seuss cups in the Dollar Spot at Target a while back and knew they would be perfect.
I printed the labels on card stock, glued them to some thin cardboard from old b-day cards, and hot glued them to the cups.
 I keep thinking about other things I want to get ready for my room, but there are so many ideas running through my head and most of them involve actually going into school. Ugh, I can't wait until next week!

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  1. I love the idea of changing the skin color...I had never thought to do that! Here's to hoping your room is spotless :)


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