Wednesday, September 21

Snarky Snark

Don't you just love people who are abrasive, combative, and argumentative accusatory (is that a better word?), even though they don't have all the facts? Yeah.... I looooooooove it....

I got a comment today on the nursery name wall hanging that I painted for a coworker. Said commenter decided to tell me it was not my work and I need to remove it. Um, hello?! I painted the darn thing, I should know if it was my work. No, the example my coworker gave me was not my creation, but that was clearly stated in the post (which the commenter must not have read before commenting).

So, while the inspiration for my work was not my own, the inspiration for the inspiration was a licensed/ manufactured bedding set. So should that person also stop making her nursery names?

Original Inspiration
Lambs and Ivy Baby Cocoa Bedding
Painting inspiration
Funky Letter Boutique
My original work
As seen here
And again I say, if you have any painting you would like done, nursery related or otherwise, let me know.
I'm  kind of upset that my first 'real' blog post in a long time has to do with defending my work, but that comment just fired me up I guess.


  1. People are stupid and unless the person who painted inspiration letters has a specific patent for the design and images, she can kiss your butt. :-P

    P.S. You are SO talented! I love the letters!!

  2. I would be ticked too if someone stole a picture off my website and gave to someone to paint, and they painted their letters so close to mine. Your letters look a lot like hers.. I mean you are so uncreative you basically copy hers instead of being inspired by them and the bedding for your own design. Congrats I learned to copy pictures in the 3rd grade! Is this what you teach your students as well?! Luckily the original work is awesome so maybe you putting it next to your work will be good advertisement for her!!

  3. Ya know, she could have just posted her pictures and not even claimed to copy an original, but didn't. She was honest and posted the original that she mimicked as requested by her client. She didn't claim to be the mastermind letter painter that came up with the design herself - she said she copied the other letters!

    And if you actually followed her blog, instead of coming in here as a one time anonymous poster, you'd know she paints beautiful letters all the time. This particular client asked for this specifically, so she did it.

    What is your freaking issue? If you've got something so apparently profound to say, have the balls to say it under your own name.

  4. I saw her other letters.. nothing special. I have seen just as good work by middle schoolers. Oh and I did read her blogs. Posting is anonymous is a quick option to post. Would it matter if I used a name!? You would probably say I made that up as well.

  5. Don't let them get you are awesome!! :)

  6. Probably would never have even been an issue had you looked at bedding and created your own letters. We all get ideas from other people, items ect. The difference is yours has no originality you took someone elses work and imitated it.

  7. Hi, I sell custom letters myself. It is what I do to earn a living. I am familiar with the lady's work on your blog. I used to get very upset when people would copy my designs,but I think your case is different. You are not stealing her designs to resell them,you are simply showing what your inspiration was. I think that is totally fine especially since they are for you. Other people will steal my images and post them to ebay and try to sell them-now that is wrong. People really need to get over themselves. I've learned that you are never going to get every single order anyway and sometimes people just want to do their own work. I don't know what the big deal is. Anyway your letters are really cute, you did an awesome job!


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