Thursday, September 29

CAPS Convention

I'm taking full benefit from the day off school today by finally taking pictures off my camera. Hopefully I'll get back into regular-ish blogging now.

Saturday my dad and I went to the Washington Capitals convention in DC. Adam was busy but he lovingly gave us his Geico early entrance passes, which included autograph session tickets. So we got down there around 9:30 and took in the sights.

There was the Alumni panel, talking about playing in the alumni game the night before.
Mike Gartner, Rod Langway, and Yvon Labre

Peter Bondra and some other alumni I'm too young to remember
 Dad made sure to get Mike Gartner's autograph on an old poster.
Dad said "I cried like a baby the day you were traded" to which Gartner responded "Me too".

Lots and Lots of memorabelia for sale.

The Veznia Trophy (which my beloved Olie won 2 times :))

Performances by the Red Rockers (I still don't know why hockey needs cheerleaders... but the 2 we rode with on the metro were really nice)

Appearances by Adam's two favorite CAPS personalities: Slapshot, the mascot, and Wes, the stadium announcer.

Discussion panel with Ted Leonsis, owner. It was moderated by LaVar Arrington (former Redskin).

And of course the Autograph session. There were 4 tables, and 4 sessions. We chose a time, were assigned a table, and the players were left as a surprise until after we were already in line.
Speaking of the line- people were lined up an hour before the session started, and I thought well 30 minutes ahead should be fine. I was so wrong. The line stretched from the middle of the room to one wall and, after I was in line, began wrapping around and basically doubled.
 At my table were Matt Hendricks #26 (one of the starting lineup) and two newer players who may or may not be sent back down to Hershey.

Of course it was a fun time, a bit too many people for my liking, but there was a great energy in the room and I am so excited for the start of the season!

And now for Adam's favor from the day: His Slapshot jersey signed by some important non-players.
Top Left: Wes the announcer. Bottom: Slapshot; Top Right: Ted Leonsis, owner; Middle: Craig Laughlin, former CAP, TV announcer
*Side note about Craig- He is a SUPER ANNOYING TV announcer. He may be by far the former player I hate most (well besides Jagr, But I'll pretend his season didn't happen). Here's a link to the a clip of his announcing.*

Here's to a great upcoming season!

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