Saturday, October 22

All Falls Down

So last week I was thinking "ok, I can  definitely get back into regular blogging. At least once a week." Um... well it's kind of hard to blog when you don't upload the pictures from your camera... Anyway... hopefully I'll be better this week.

I spent some time last Saturday cleaning the living room. It was a nice day, so I decided to open the blinds and let some light in.One up, two up, three- crash! One of the small blinds on the big window came crashing down. It hung by one screw on the left side (middle of window).
The whole one-blind-look really wasn't going to work, even if Grover likes the wide open window.
I guess the screw wasn't as far in the wall as we thought? Or pulling on the chord was too much pressure/stress on the wood top piece? Either way, it came down, splitting the top in the process.
I really didn't know what I was going to do about his. Adam was out of town so I called my dad. Before he could come over I decided to try to at least get an anchor in the wall to support the screw (if we could get the blind back up). I even got the heavy-duty anchors. But as I tried to screw it in, the anchor snapped off. WTH?!
Some support that would have been! Well when Dad came over he said that of course the anchor broke, it was hitting the wood framing around the window. Duh! But then why did the first screw just fall out? Because it wasn't long enough and it didn't grab into the wood. So with Dad's help we got some long screws fully sunken into the framing to support the brackets. Then we nailed the top wood piece of the blind together. All better!
What was actually a pretty easy fix took us over an hour. Don't ask me why we were over-thinking everything, but I'm glad it's up. Hopefully I won't have another crash any time soon.

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