Friday, October 14

Out of First-Tri

I'm posting my drafts that document my pregnancy so far. See part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Friday October 7

Hello Second Trimester! I can't believe it's here. And baby Stybs is the size of a lemon! That's a long way from the poppy seeds when we first found out! I went in for a brief check-up today and was very disappointed to not get another sonogram, but I did hear the heartbeat and everything is looking/sounding good! And I will get to see the little one at my next appointment in a month.
Now that I'm in the 'safe zone' to tell people, I'm actually nervous about making it public.  It's ridiculous, I know, because the people close to us know already. But I'm still feeling a little weird about sharing it publicly.
Baby Stybs' Current Size: Lemon

And now for some updates:
Cravings: None really. The root beer cravings have eased and I only have about 1 a week.
Aversions: Still no coffee or ice cream for me.  I also can't stand the thought of ooey-gooey cheese smothered on anything. *gag* And, weirdly, vegetables. I know I need to eat healthfully but I just don't want veggies and dip or salad or a side of broccoli- plus it upsets my stomach and I burp them all back up.
Weight: +2 lbs. Most clothes still fit

Morning Sickness: still good :) though I've been using Tums to ease the extra acid building up in my stomach after I eat
Energy: Up a bit. I'm still tired in the morning, but as soon  as I get moving I don't lose much energy. I've thought about trying to start working out again, but haven't tried yet.

The baby bump is finally beginning to show- if ever so slightly.
Insert picture that should have been taken last week.  Adam was out of town then we have been so busy I still haven't takes the week 14 picture. Maybe I'll get one next week...

And this concludes the previously written posts. From here on out, monthly updates will be shared as they occur. This should give me some time to blog about non-pregnancy things. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll probably only post pregnancy and baby related posts... Here's hoping I have some sort of balance in my life.

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