Thursday, October 13


I'm posting my drafts that document my pregnancy so far. See part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, and Part 4.

Friday September 9

Today was my first OB appointment. I was really looking forward to this appointment because the receptionist said to bring Adam and it would be the longest appointment. I was hoping to get another sonogram, but sadly it was basically just a physical. Bummer. Double bummer for Adam who sat through the exam and got to watch the doctor who delivered me 26 years ago 'grope me'. But the doctor says everything is looking good so that's all that matters.
Baby Stybs' current size: Prune

As for the body changes:
Cravings: Root beer. I never really liked it before (i would drink birch beer every now and then) but now I can't get enough. It's just so good!
Aversions: Coffee- walking into Starbucks makes me want to gag. Ice cream- Why, oh why, do I not want to eat ice cream? I thought I would get a 9 month pass to eat as much Ben&Jerry's as I wanted!
Weight: Considering the bloated belly I currently have I was surprised to see no change.
Morning Sickness: None. Thank God! I have learned to not have liquids first thing in the morning (b/c they will just come right back up) but I've been feeling good.
Energy: Soooo tired. Beyond my normal tired level. All I want to do is sleep.

And now for the (still invisible when clothed) bump:

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  1. You look great! Yeah, I still don't want ice cream either! You think we would be living on it!


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