Monday, October 10

Blogging Rewind

I'm posting my drafts that document my pregnancy so far. See part 1 here.


Tuesday August 2

I had my first Doctor's appointment today. I was surprised I got one so early/so soon. I heard about people having to wait until week 8, and I'm only in week 5. But I guess it was just to confirm the pregnancy, since I didn't go to my general doctor's office to get a confirmation. What surprised me even more was after I met with the doctor and she told me everything was looking normal as far as timing and symptoms and that I could come in next week for a sonogram of the heart beat! WHAT?! This is way sooner than I thought it would be. Adam was even surprised when I told him I scheduled the appointment (the last one in the day) for next Thursday.
Baby Stybs' current size: Poppyseed!

On a side note, I have put my weight loss on hold. I changed my goal from losing weight to maintaining it and I feel like I have an enormous amount of calories to eat now! I'm trying to eat as healthfully as possible, and know I will feel the sting when I start gaining weight, but it's all for the baby! I'm hoping to track my belly growth like this (which I found via pinterest).
(click to enlarge)
I'm hoping to wear the same dress in each picture, but may not take one every week. Most likely it will be once a month.


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