Wednesday, February 8

Bring on the Crock Pot!

In an effort to get some meals pre-made and stocked in my freezer before baby Stybs arrives, I have been pinning many different recipes and websites with crock-pot and freezer friendly meals.  We buy meat in bulk and vacuum seal it, but I don't think I will have the time or the energy to look up a recipe, defrost the meat, and then cook the meal. So to avoid ordering in every night, pre-made meals are my plan.

So this afternoon I chopped some veggies and mixed some sauces and bagged a couple meals.

2 bags of BBQ chicken mix and a bag of honey garlic chicken mix (the chicken is already in the freezer), steak chunks for stroganoff and Chuck roast for pot roast were vacuum sealed (other ingredients are canned or not freezer friendly, so they are set aside elsewhere). Everything is crock-pot friendly so I just dump, set, and walk away.

There are some more recipes I want to get together like meatballs, lasagna, and chili. But I still have time so I can make those over a weekend and get them ready to go in the freezer later.

Any other moms plan meals before their baby arrived? How did it work out for you?

The recipes I put together were found via Pinterest or Google (and added to pinterest).

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