Friday, January 27

Prepping for Baby

After my doctor's appointment this morning I decided to take a trip to Target to (continue to) scope out their ridiculous baby clearance. I have been to literally every Target in my area (all 4) and scanning their 50% (or more) clearance. My sister picked up a  Pack-n-play and carseat for me (a shower gift from her, my mom, and my grandma) and I've already bought some sleeper gowns. Today I found something I hadn't thought about buying yet- cabinet locks.

I bought the only 2 packages the store had, but it ended up being the perfect amount- I need 6 for the kitchen, and one for each bathroom. Now I just need to get Adam to install them, or break out the drill and do it myself.
I also made a quick change to the nursery dressers. Since deciding to keep the large one too, I reorganized the stuff that was already in the tall dresser.

Now each size of clothes has its own drawer, and the bibs and towels are located in the other dresser. I also couldn't resist hanging the cute hooded ducky towel my sister in law got us for Christmas.

My shower is only a couple weeks away- I can't wait to fill this room! (I think I've said that every time I post about the nursery, can you tell I'm nesting?)

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