Wednesday, February 29


It's almost March, I have 4 1/2 weeks left until baby Stybs is scheduled to arrive, and I've been thinking back to my New Year's Goals.
I've been doing well with controlling my spending and the house is mostly somewhat clean (I'm making more of an effort to keep up with the little things in the kitchen and living room). I want to cook, but we haven't made up a schedule and we have ordered in (or Adam has brought my dinner home) a few more times than I would like. It's not too bad, though, I actually had some hamburger soup in the crock pot today, and we're having breakfast for dinner tomorrow, so cooking hasn't been a total wash.

What I've really been thinking about is my desire to attend church regularly. I wish it was closer. I wish I had some friends to go with me. Adam is considering writing/editing full time (in the next 6 or so months) which would mean leaving his stable job. I know that God has a plan for us, that I should trust in Him, but it is a scary thought. I think this is what is making me want the church community/experience again.

So, that being said, does anyone have suggestions for how to reconnect/restart my journey?

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