Thursday, July 19


What were we thinking?

Adam and I are trying to get in better shape (I just cant drop those last 10 lbs) and figured working out together would keep us accountable and motivate us to do our best. So we ordered P90x. My dad has done it. My sister and brother in law have done it. Friends and coworkers have done it. We started it. OMG it is intense.

Because of Adam's work schedule and Kate's feeding schedule, we agreed to workout at night after Kate went to bed. So that meant a 90 minute workout starting around 9pm. Neither of use realized just HOW out of shape we were. We only did half of day 1's push-up/ pull-up set, and struggled through the ab-ripper set. We completed Plyometrics but Adam's shoulders were too sore to do the arms and back, and we only did 30 minutes of yoga. It is important to know when to stop and not over do it (especially in week1) so we are comfortable stopping half-way.

And to keep it real- here are our before pictures (take on day 4)
yes Adam is mimicking holding a pregnant belly
We have a long way to go, and definitely need to build up our endurance and strength.

Have you done P90x?

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