Monday, July 16

Learning How to be a Better Teacher

Even though I have completed my Master's degree, and was recently re-certified with my Advanced Professional Certificate, I am still taking classes. Well one class anyway.

A few of my old teammates and I all signed up for this class together so we could better keep in touch over the summer and beginning of the school year. Since all 4 of us will be teaching at different schools this year, that was my primary reason for singing up.

I am currently in the middle of "Studying Skillful Teaching' which is helping me re-examine my teaching practices, planning, and beliefs. I had heard it was a horrendous class ans was super hard, but I am actually enjoying it. Our instructor is great, and that truly makes the difference of 'participating because I have to' and 'wanting to go, learn, and participate'.

Also, this was my test run for leaving Kate with my mom while I went to work. I dropped her off around 7 and was on my way by 7:30.  It was hard leaving her the first day and I thought she was in the car with me (but was so quiet she must have fallen asleep) on the second day. She also drank all the milk I left for her and needed the emergency formula on the second day. Overall she was happy, ate and napped well, and I actually liked getting out of the house and doing something work related for a few hours. I'm still going to enjoy my summer with Kate, but maybe going back to work won't be so bad after all.
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