Wednesday, June 27


This past weekend was our annual crabfest. Just a little get together of about 50+ family and friends to pick crabs, drink beer, and have a good time. Adam declared this year to be the 'Babypocalypse' because of the large number of babies that would be coming- I think we had 8 or 9, all but 1 under the age of 4 (and really, my 3 1/2 year old niece is such a peanut she looks like she is 2).
Some of the Lock Haven people and their babies- look's like Tang and Jess are next!
With all the babies I decided we would NEED a baby pool. Last year was so hot, I couldn't imagine having all those babies in the heat/sun all day or forcing them inside. So luckily Jen brought her baby pool AND water table.

Both were a big hit with the older kids (those under 3 months didn't seem too interested- go figure).
Lisa's husband, George and their 6 month old, Maria playing with my niece Kaelyn at the water table
Kaelyn and her little brother, JJ playing at the baby pool

I, again, didn't get too many pictures during the day. Too many people to see, too much time spent feeding Kate inside, and too much Old Bay on my fingers that prevented me from taking more pics.

Kate did have an adorable Crab onesie to wear courtesy of our friends Shawn and Erica (who also had their little girl Ruby in a crab outfit that day).
Kate with her Uncle Jamie
We meant to get a picture of the two girls in their crab clothes but it wasn't until Ruby was strapped in the car seat and they were getting ready to go that I remembered. Oh well, we will see them again (hopefully soon).

It was a great day and I'm already looking forward to next year when Kate will get her first shot at picking crabs!
June 088
"I have to wait a whole year to eat crabs?!"

You can see how much Crabfest has grown (and how much I suck at taking pictures at Crabfest) by revisiting this post from 2010 and this one and this one, both from last year.

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