Friday, July 1

This Weekend

For the 4th I'll be heading to the beach with my parents. Adam has to stay home for work but I'm trying to think of a surprise for him (tomorrow is his birthday, and he'll be home alone) and get house things done today so he won't have to worry about dishes or laundry or other general cleaning. Adam said he doesn't want anything for his birthday because Crabfest is his birthday present. But I still want to surprise him with something. (Side note- I am horrible, I didn't take any pictures this year- at all -but thankfully Lisa came to the rescue and she took a couple!)

So I'm  spending today cleaning, packing, and picking up Adam's surprise present. Then I'm off to the beach. A relaxing weekend trip to get away and keep my mind off of recent events.

What are your plans for the 4th?

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