Thursday, June 30

Betrayed (Update)

Like I mentioned a while ago, the Full Day Head Start program was cut back to half day because it cost too much money blah blah blah... so I ended up choosing to stay at my current school and teach first grade next year. All of the full day teachers chose to stay and teach something else. Well today lookie what jobs are posted:
Um yeah.. ALL THREE positions are FULL DAY again!? And our principal didn't tell ANY OF US!? Maybe this is a mistake. Maybe this isn't supposed to be posted (or at least not yet). I don't know if I would even have accepted the position again if offered, but it would still have been nice to be offered- or at the very least be kept in the loop.

So What makes this worse is that when the positions were cut to half day, two pregnant Kindergarten teachers wanted to go part time and took the positions, and a new woman was hired for the last class. The K teachers had already moved their stuff into the rooms. They had already received their assignment to move part time (and once you're part time it's hell to go back to full time). So now the classes are full day again, those teachers are still part time, and the jobs are available.

I don't know what to make of this. At all. I feel a little sick to my stomach over the whole thing. I probably would have decided to stay with first grade next year if I was offered to go back to head start, but I can't stop thinking about it.

Soooo.... after talking with a co-worker we found out from the Head Start Program Specialist that the full day classes have been RESTORED. The principals were informed on MONDAY. They were told to offer the position to the teacher who held it last year first BEFORE posting it online. So our principal knew about this all week and didn't call or e-mail any of us. She chose to post the job online and hire new people.

The former K teachers are out of a job at our school and have to either find a new part time position or be placed in a random school. We don't know if we have to apply for our old job online if we still want it. My co-worker was at school today and talked with the principal, who still said NOTHING!!!

So either our principal is being a B or she just doesn't know what the hell she is doing. Maybe next year will be my last at that school. We'll have to see what kind of BS comes up over the year and figure out if it is worth it to stay.


  1. OMG Diana! That is SUCH BS!! Your principal is supposed to be your "pal" and support and defend you! That is a large part of their job!!! Whether s/he told you about the change or not, s/he still has to hire new people so why not offer your "old" position so you do not have to write new lessons, and put up an entire new classroom?...and it's not like there aren't 348923840 certified elementary school teachers who can't get a job since graduating that would KILL for even a sub position, let only a full time position! I would be SO pissed if I were you! Anyways, I hope everything works out ok.

  2. Thanks Bridget, it really does suck. But I don't even think I would want the position anyway- just to be kept in the loop. And it sickens me that we are losing 2 great teachers because of it and no one is being told anything.


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