Friday, June 17

Last Day

Yesterday was a very bittersweet day. It was the last day of school for my little Pre-K-ers. While I'm looking forward to the summer off and getting stuff done at home, I will miss their funny comments, high energy, incurable curiosity...

I also finished packing up my room and shuffling everything upstairs to my new (smaller) room.

I am definitely excited to begin teaching first grade next year, but at the same time it's scary too. I was so comfortable teaching Pre-K, worked hard to be prepared and organized for the upcoming year, and it changed in a flash. Now I have to learn a new curriculum, re-organize all my teaching materials, buy some new materials and supplies, and set up a completely new (and smaller) classroom.

I'm getting a little nervous, but the team I am joining is great and very knowledgeable and organized.

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