Saturday, June 18

School's Out!

With the end of the school year comes the return of the day-long projects. Friday I decided to finally finish the guest room. I had painted the trim and doors white a week or so ago, so the room was prepped and ready for the wall color. So, with my $5 gallon of Glidden paint, I painted from 10am-1pm. No breaks. I didn't even eat breakfast- I know, I know, not healthy but I was in the zone.

Here's how the room started

And here it is now

I really like Glidden paint. It is thick, covers in one coat, and the color is rich. I have always used Behr before/ even the paint and primer in one, but honestly I think Glidden covers better.It also doesn't smell as bad as Behr paint. I looked at the can and saw that is has a 'new low odor formula' so that is a plus. The new color also makes me hate my furniture less. I picked out the dressers when I moved out of my sister's room into my own room for the first time. They were the only dressers I liked so that's what I got.

But in a cream room, the cream/off-white dressers looked ugly. I hated them and wanted to get rid of them. But now they are ok, I hate them less, and now only want to change the hardware (for now).

On a side note, when I was putting the room back together I decided to wash the curtains. Well look what happens when you wash cotton curtains
Yup, they shrunk. I told Adam they were like high-waters for our windows. He didn't laugh. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

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