Tuesday, June 14

IKEA Storage

In our basement, we had some horrendous looking- home made shelves. When we ripped out the ceiling where we had a leak, we took out the shelves too. So now with a weird bump-out/recessed portion of the wall that needed something.
I believe that is Dexter on the TV, I love Netflix :)
We looked through IKEA to find something and the shelf we wanted wasn't in stock! So we decided to pick up two smaller shelves (we actually might get a third) to put there.
please ignore the hole in the ceiling--that has yet to be re-dry walled
Now we had to decide what to do with all the stuff we had on those old shelves. Were we really going to put up all the DVDs and board games and nick-knacks? We decided against it and picked up two boxes to fit in the Expidit cubes. And, just like I consolidated my teaching CDs into itunes, I took all our DVDs and consolidated them into a binder.
I didn't realize how many DVD's we had:
that's over 6 feet of DVD cases...
More specifically, how many start with 'S' (Yes, I am slightly OCD and needed to alphabetize the DVDs- don't judge me...)
Anyway, once I got them alphabetized I loaded them into the binder. Not including our TV series and special edition collections, I almost filled up the binder (that holds almost 250 discs)!

Speaking of the TV series and spacial editions, I tucked them into those two storage boxes we picked up.
Adam's box of Star Wars and Anime
My box of Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City
Now all the DVDs are organized and essentially hidden.
Now I just need to get started on the board games and nick-knacks. Oh my...

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