Tuesday, September 18

I don't know how you do it

All you working, blogging, moms out there. I realized that I hadn't posted since before starting work again.

A month ago.

I just can't don't want to blog anymore. I drop Kate off, go to work, pick up Kate, play with Kate, make dinner, play some more, clean bottles and pump parts, prep anything for work, and if there is any time left in the day I can maybe take a shower.

Seriously, how do you all do it?

There are things to share: Kate's getting older, sitting, rolling, eating food; work is going great; we have been to the beach a couple more times... but I am only writing this now since I prepped dinner yesterday, Kate is napping, and I am pretty much set for work.

So I guess my point in this random post is to say that my posting will probably be really sporadic and random from now on. Thanks for hanging with me.

And so this post isn't completely boring, here are some recent pictures of Kate:

Daddy picked out her monster truck PJs from the boy's section of Gymbouree

A cow says WHAT now?


  1. Thanks for the little post! She is so cute! She is starting to look less like her Daddy ;).

  2. Firstly, she is SO adorable and I can't wait to see you guys again!

    Secondly, how do I do it? I don't. lol Did you see my blog this summer? Like 3 posts. You post when you can. No worries. ;)


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