Wednesday, September 26


And let the rambling begin...

1. Kate. I probably goes without saying, but I love her beyond words. Even as she is teething (I think?) and has decided to start waking up at 4:30 again, I love my happy, funny baby.

2.A day off of work in the middle of the week is such a gift. My school district takes the major Jewish holidays off (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) which, when combined with labor day and some other professional days, makes going back to work in the fall totally bearable (hardly a 5 day work week in the month of September). I loved being able to sleep in, if only until 7:00, and lounge eating breakfast and watching Hot Tub Time Machine (totally stupid yet funny movie).

3. As much as I miss being pregnant, I am so thankful I can enjoy my breakfast the way I like: runny eggs. And I actually had the time to cook them this morning.

4 & 5. Mom and my new school. I love that I can drop Kate at my mom's house and then drive 5 minutes to work. And I actually like the school, my team, and my students. There were a couple days where I was trying to think of any way possible I could work part time because I missed Kate so much- but she is in good hands and gets so excited to see me when I pick her up. And since she is with my mom, if she takes a longer nap or I have a late meeting, I don't have to worry about needing to pick her up 'on time' from a day care center. And Mondays work out perfectly- afternoon meeting, then hang out at mom's house until we head out for Monday night pizza at the same place we've been going to (with the same waitress every week) for over 10 (maybe 15) years.

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