Sunday, October 14

It's Official

I can't watch anything involving a woman delivering a baby.

6 months have passed since I had Kate, and I still cry when a story line on TV involves a birth- if it's natural I cry because I didn't get that, and if it's a c-section I cry because I didn't get to see Kate right away like the woman on tv, and if it's a complicated delivery I cry because I am so thankful I have a healthy baby who had no complications.

Stupid hormones...

Let's cheer things up with a pic of Kate:
6 month pics and stats to come after her appointment on Friday :)

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  1. My goodness she is one adorable baby!

    I'm the same way, Diana. It'll always get ya a little when you see someone else get the birth you didn't. I just avoid TLC during the day! ;)


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