Thursday, July 15


After two days of training, I woke up bright and early at 4:50am to drive to my sister's place an hour away. I am watching Kaelyn again today and tomorrow. So far our day has consisted of more cereal ("cereal!"), watching some nick jr, singing the ABCs ("A a c e e e e a a a a la la la la la ooo ooo s e e e ooo s i c"), and blowing bubbles ("bubbles!").

for some reason she really wanted to put on my sandals

She really liked blowing the bubbles on the balcony and we went out twice to do it. We were taking turns until KK wanted to hold the bubbles and ended up spilling them. When I took them away she started crying and I took that as a cue that she needed her morning nap (it was just before 9, and she usually naps around 9 or 10). I put her in her crib and she put her head right down.
Now I know I can hear her singing before she falls asleep but I thought it was too funny to hear her say "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! uh ohhh..."
After her nap we will attempt to go to the pool or the park. If it is too hot we will go to the mall or just hang out here.

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