Tuesday, July 20

Grading Absurdness

I'm kind of annoyed right now. I'm taking a Developing reader course right now, where I needed access to 3 fourth, fifth or sixth graders and their textbooks. It's summer, first of all, and my school only goes to second grade so I wouldn't have access to the right age from summer school. So after some advice, I have created 3 kids and 'assessed' them on their ability to read and their interests etc. So far, so good- I have been getting 4/4 on my papers... that is with the exception of this past paper, where I got 3.75! Why, you might ask? Did I not answer the question correctly? Was I incoherent? Did the professor finally see that I wasn't actually working with real kids?


This is the comment she left me, misspellings and all:

You theme of historical events meets the criteria for this week’s assignment. However, what I had in mind was more of taking a content theme- ie- the Deptression, The Civil War, Weather) and using both texts, online sources and literature to enhance the concept. While biographies and historical fiction can teach about a time frame, how does this meet your social studies curriculum for this year?

So I met the criteria, but since I wasn't able to read her mind and specify a time period I don't get full credit. Oh, and this plan will not meet my social studies curriculum for this year because I TEACH PRESCHOOL NOT 4TH GRADE!!!

Sorry, just wanted to get that out.

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