Monday, July 12

Playing with Kaelyn

No WiiFit update this morning, since I Had to be at my parents' house at 6:45am. My sister is taking a class this week and I get to watch Kaelyn (with the exception of tomorrow and Wednesday when I have to go to training). Well we had a busy day so far: she ate her new favorite food, cereal ("cereal!"), put all the stuffed animals to sleep ("nite nite"), went on a walk to the park where we played on the swing and slide and she found her new favorite game of opening the door and yelling "hello!" then shutting the door over and over. Currently she is taking her morning nap, where she laid down then I heard her singing and moving the crib for a few minutes until I went in and patted her back so she would sleep.

Here are the pics of this morning and some videos (hopefully they work!).


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