Friday, July 2

I read...

I'm taking a break from refinishing my dining set to look through some online magazines. The best part about these online mags is they're free. Also, if there is something you're interested in, they generally link straight to the source (website to read through or purchase an object).
So far I only read two of these magazines. Lonny and Southern Flourish. I came across these magazines through various websites and blogs, and there is some pretty good information in there.

Lonny features different designers, bloggers, and DIYers. The best thing I like about this mag is that they capture the designer's point of view in little lists. For example, the featured the Kate Spade store in NYC.
And then listed how to get the Kate Spade look in your house.

Southern Flourish was brought to my attention through one of my all time favorite blogs, Young House Love when they were featured in the magazine.
Southern Flourish also features designers, bloggers, and DIYers that live or work in the southern states.

So those are the two online magazines I am currently reading. If you know of any more, send them my way.

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