Thursday, July 1

Dining Progress

A little bit ago I posted about our dining dilemma. To refresh your memory, here is our dining set:

With all the scratches and gouges too:

Here were the proposed painting options I found:

So after picking my favorite option, and showing Adam the choices, we decided to paint the whole table black. I would have preferred to leave the top stained, but as Adam pointed out, it would be easier to paint the whole thing, and then it would match the other furniture more closely.
Since Home Depot was having a $5 off each gallon of Behr paint sale, I went and bought the necessary supplies:

I lucked out and got the premium plus, paint and primer in one, which should eliminate the need to prime and paint two coats. I started by filling in the gouges on the top:

It looked a little messy, but after sanding it was smooth.

And don't forget to wipe down all the dust that gets lefts behind

Then you're ready to paint. I used a brush for everything except the top of the table. For that I used a roller (side note, I forgot to use tape to get the fuzzies off the roller and it left some behind in the paint on the top of the table- oops). The table ended up taking two coats of paint and it looks good, so different than what it looked like before.

Oh and if you plan on doing a painting project and you have a little pet that likes to look out the windows, watch them closely! I thought I could trust Grover by being in the bedroom in between coats, I was wrong. Can you see his little foot prints?

I will post before and after shots when the chairs are painted. That should be interesting.

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  1. Good Job Diana! I think the foot prints are cute, lol. Good luck with the chairs. My moms table is black with a stained top.


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