Monday, July 5

Painting the Desk

I got ambitious today and decided to tackle the desk (old dining table) in my office. Since I already had the paint supplies out from painting the dining set, I thought I would go ahead and paint my desk. This was my inspiration for my office.

I say 'was' because the chairs are now painted black. I know, I know, black chairs are not on the mood board at all, they don't even really fit into the blue and white color scheme I wanted. I got nervous, because the chairs matched the desk and I thought maybe I should keep the desk black. But I had the paint already. So then I remembered Sherry's Desk.

It is a white desk with a black chair. And it doesn't look bad or mismatched at all. So I thought this look could work in my office too.
So I started painting. Luckily I had the Behr paint + primer (in Decorator's white) so that should help me cover a black table with white paint. I was actually surprised with how well it covered the black. The only problem was painting the top. It is so long, I ended up with a line down the middle because of the way I was painting. So for the second coat, I went against the grain of the wood to avoid getting that nasty line down the middle again.
Here's how the table looked after each coat of paint:

I think it looks pretty good after only two coats of paint, but I think I am going to give the top another coat, just to get a clean finished look.

I will post updated pictures when the doors and trim are painted the same color (hey I have a whole gallon of this paint, and the doors are currently too off-white for my taste). Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

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