Tuesday, July 6

workout issues!

I took the day off from exercising yesterday (happy fourth of July everyone!). Yesterday was my goal date, but I figured I'd just weigh in this morning and see if I lost those remaining 1.3 lbs after eating too much this weekend (haha, yeah right). So I turned on the Wii this morning and then saw that the remote (or the wiimote as I like to call it) had the batteries taken out. WHAT?! I'm the only one who uses the wii anymore, and I didn't take the batteries out. I tried the second wiimote, it was dead. I looked around and found the battery charger on the table next to Adam's computer. He took the batteries and didn't even plug them into the wall! I was annoyed, and obviously couldn't work out/ weigh in.
I'll let the batteries charge, and try again later today.

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