Friday, August 6

Daycare Kids

When people hear we have a home daycare next-door they think it's great. "You can have your kids go there" they say.
Absolutely not.
I swear one kid sounds like he is being beaten to death whenever he is outside. I got concerned and looked out into the backyard and he was just fine. Running around, playing, and screaming his little head off. What concerns me, though, is the fact that whoever is running the daycare doesn't seem to do much with the kids. Now I can only see them when they are outside. The kids are playing on the playground or with the little plastic ride-in cars, but the lady (one of two I think) just sits o0n the steps. Sometimes goes inside. Supposedly they are licensed, according to their sign, but I don't think I would trust them to watch my child. Letting your own child go outside for play time in your own backyard while you are in the kitchen or available if needed is one thing. When you are being paid to watch someone else's child, that is completely different.
Maybe I wouldn't think this if I didn't have a degree in Early Childhood and didn't have to take a class on starting your own day care, but I did, and this bothers me.

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