Sunday, September 26

Hi, My name is...

You know what really annoys me? When people get my name wrong. Not when speaking to me, because most people ask me the standard "Diana or Diane?" question and typically remember after that. If it isn't someone I talk to often, I don't mind if they slip up and say Diane every now and then. I also don't mind if they get my last name wrong. It is a hard name for most people to pronounce and, unless they have practice saying it like my class of 4 year olds, I don't worry if they get it right or not.
What does bother me is when my name is wrong in writing. Especially in my online classes. You have never heard me say my name, so you could not have misheard me. What you should see is my name on the class list, the discussion lists, discussion posts, e-mails, and in every single paper I submit. How in the world can you continue to type Diane for the 11th week in a row?!?! WTF?!
Maybe I'm asking too much but I think by now she should be able to hit the A button.

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