Wednesday, September 29

Office art

So after the shelf hanging disaster, I decided to find something to go on the wall in my office. I remembered that I had two large canvases in the closet and decided to see how they would look.

I like the size and position of them, now I just need to figure out what to paint.

Do I try to pick up on the floral pattern of the pillow?
Or go with a graphic zig-zag/chevron pattern that seems to be so popular right now (but that I may get bored with later)?
The good thing is that if I do get tired of whatever I paint, I can always re-paint it. I haven't spent any money on it because I already had the canvases and paint. So I guess a trial and error method won't be too much of a waste.

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  1. Both patterns would work. I also like the lattice pattern that is pretty popular.


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