Tuesday, November 16

Bedroom update

I do love our new bed. It is a nice dark wood, that goes with the rest of the furniture. But since we moved the bed around to the other window there was extra space we didn't plan for. So we made a few trips to Ikea and got a nightstand and lamp for Adam's side of the bed.

We got the same items that were on my side, except that the lamp now comes in 'chrome', not 'brushed nickle' type finish. So I ended up buying 2 new ones so they matched and putting the old one in the guest room downstairs.
We also decided to move the TV from the guestroom over to our room. That meant we would need a shelf/ stand/ table of some sort for all that comes with the TV. So we got a little cube storage thing that was perfectly small (and inexpensive!) for the corner of our room.

Now Adam is on the lookout for a new TV. We are using a little 19" white Samsung we got as open stock from Best Buy. Now Adam wants a 26" (I'd be fine with 22") black TV, preferably open stock from Best Buy again.

The big empty wall is still there though. I need to find something, make something, or hang pictures again. (I also need to wrangle those cords)

I kind of feel like we have too much furniture in the room, and if we ever plan on selling the house most of it will have to go. But, hey, it works for us for now.


  1. Selling the house?? Looks great so far!

  2. Thanks Lisa. We do plan on staying in the house 'forever' but things do come up so if we ever need to sell we'd have to make some changes. I hope we don't though!


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