Thursday, December 30

75% Off!

I love post-Christmas Sales. Even better is the Clearance that comes a few days later. I went to Target yesterday and Christmas stuff was 75% Off. I loaded up on ornaments, ribbon,  and a tree topper that our Christmas tree has been missing for two years. I also got some extension cords that were around $3 each, which is a great price, and I can always use more.

The best deal I found, however, was in the pillow section. For some reason the cream pillows were 'Christmas pillows' and were marked down to $3.50 each! I grabbed 4 of them for less than the price of one regular pillow. I added two to the living room couches, to fill them out some:

And the other 2 are in the family room downstairs:

The problem I now have is there are too many pillows on the little Ikea loveseat:

I need to find a place for some of them. Maybe in the guest room, or maybe Ill just get rid of the little black Ikea pillows that are kind of flat...
What are your suggestions?

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