Tuesday, January 18

Decluttered Office

As part of the modified list, I needed to clean out my office. I decided to get rid of the wire mesh cube-shelving because I didn't really like the look of it, and I figured the more storage I had, the more stuff I would accumulate.

After taking everything off the shelves I immediately regretted the decision to clean out the office.

Seriously, why was I holding on to so much stuff? I had decided to get rid of a lot of my books, and then also decided to get rid of my scrapbooking supplies. I kept the scrapbook of my cruise in 2006, my trip to Hawaii with Kara, and my wedding. Everything else had to go. I haven't scrapbooked in over a year so I got rid of it. Kind of like clothes, if you don't wear it in a year, get rid of it.

So after clearing everything out I was able to try a new layout for the room.

It feels a little empty. And there is a slight echo. Adam thinks that we could possibly put the black shelf from the living room in there, so the liquor is out of the way and not the first think people see when they come in (like the delivery guys said when we got out mattress: "you guys drink a lot").

We'll see.

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