Tuesday, February 22

Bamboo Blinds Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the dining area and the new bamboo blind.
The mistakes we made while we were hanging the blind without directions were lessons well learned. We hung both blinds over the big front window in no time.
The window is so large, I ended up getting two 44" blinds to hang, instead of one 88" massive blind. Aside from the cost different, the two smaller blinds were easier to hand, with only 2 bolts each instead of three. So we found the middle of the window, marked where the brackets should go and got ready to hang the blinds.
The two came in a separate shipment from a different location than the large blind for the dining area. I opened the large blind first, and it was a mess- with no instructions and the hardware rolling around inside. I was surprised when I opened the box for the two smaller blinds when I saw they were wrapped in plastic with bubble wrap around the ends. When I unwrapped them I was surprised again to find a nice little box of hardware. And guess what else was inside of that little box?
That's right! DIRECTIONS!!!I was like "OMG! WTF?"
Since we had already figured out how to hang the blinds we didn't need the directions anyway, but still! It makes me think the big blind was returned and we just didn't get all the pieces.

Anyway The blinds went up with no problem. Just a little adjusting how tight the wing nuts were screwed so the blinds hung even and we were set.
Funniest thing, though, had to be when we moved the couch back into place. We found Grover's stock pile of mice all in the same location.
He is beyond excited to have all of his mice back again (and shove them back under the couch again).
So here is the final shot (with a little bit of cluttered mess that I need to pick up).
It is much darker in the room, yet the light still comes in through the bamboo pieces. And while they block the view from the outside-in during the day (we can see out, they cannot see in) but at night it is the opposite. I guess I'll have to be careful with what I do around the living room at night!

So, the blinds are up! What do you think?

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