Monday, February 21

Bamboo Blinds Part 1

Saturday was the day! We finally decided to get them hung, in preparation for friends coming in later this week. So we got out the large 63" blind for the dining area.
It came in a box, unwrapped, with screws and hardware rolling around, and NO DIRECTIONS! So I went online and found some that showed us how to hang the brackets on the wall and hang the blind from the brackets.
We ended up taping the bracket on the wall so Adam could drill the screw in easily.
Except that the large power screw driver we have was a little too big to fit around the bolt on the bracket. Adam stripped one screw, dropped a few others, and yelled "Mother F***er!" at least once.
But once the brackets were up the blind went up fairly easily. Just slide the top part onto the bolts and tighten some wing nuts. It looked good too.
Until we tried to lower the blind. And it didn't move. We couldn't figure it out. Adam finally realized that the toggle/pull pieces at the top weren't working. He realized we hung the blind upside-down. The toggle things should be under the blind, below the bolts, not on top of them. So we un-screwed the wind nuts and flipped the top over and screwed it back in. Voila! It worked. But the flap that hides the screws was facing the window, since it wasn't flipped over and hanging in the front anymore. I knew it was because we had it upside down and were just correcting the problem so I thought "oh well, it's up and it works"
So we got started on the other window. About 10 minutes later Adam said "I finally got it!". We needed to turn that blind around. So the flap would be in the front, and the strings in the back. Why did it take him so long to think of that? And why didn't I think of that at all?! So again we unscrewed the wing nuts, turned the blind around, and screwed it back in.
Here is the final look.
It's weird how you can still sort of see through the blind, but the room is so much darker. And you cannot see in, at least during the day- Adam walked outside and checked. I would prefer to have the blinds open, but Adam wants to keep them closed. I'm sure I will have them open every now and then but for now they can stay down.

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