Thursday, March 31


Adam needed new shoes for work. Since he was ordering from Zappos, he asked if I needed anything too. I needed new sneakers and decided to get some of the toning kind.

Skechers shape-ups are way too bulky and I don't think I would ever wear them.
The Reebok easy tone look better but still have that bulge on the bottom.
I went with New Balance WW850. They are super cute and supposedly work out all the same leg and butt muscles at the other bulkier shoes.

I was very happy when they arrived, and fit perfectly.

I have been wearing them for about two weeks and haven't felt much 'burn' in my legs or butt. I have also been wearing them to work out, which is a big no-no if you read the reviews on these shoes, but I still don't feel the burn. So I have no idea if they are actually toning anything. But they were a good price and I needed new sneakers anyway so I won't say they are a total loss. And who knows, maybe they are toning and I just don't feel it. I should go measure myself and see...

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